Back to work (28-07-2014).
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What has been your most unusual or memorable celebrity encounter at work?

"Johnny Depp at the first Pirates premiere. Johnny Depp at the Transcendence premiere. Johnny Depp at the Secret Window junket. Johnny Depp on a Wednesday or Friday. Doesn’t really matter. Johnny Depp exchanges will always reign the most memorable.”

Catt Sadler, E! News Reporter


la la laaaa perfezioneeee


You’ll never be as cool as Pirlo xD


You’ll never be as cool as Pirlo xD


As Barnabas said, he’s a vampire… Well… A vampire, a pirate, a barber, a journalist, a police, an experiment with sccisors instead of hands, a writer, a cientist, a director, an astronaut, a hatter, a detective, a chocolate maker and eater, an agent, a brother, a father, a lover, a soldier, a lieutenant and travesti, an indian, an earl… HE’S GOD!!!

They call me Cry-Baby!